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Bulk SMS Packages

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In the present modern globalization edge there are lots of sources to advertising the business products or services like television, the internet website and many more. But cheapest services are SMS services the best option to advertise the products. A traditional media for advertising like newspapers and magazines. Throughout the world including India, the importance of mobile phones has been huge and profound. The emergence of India as one of the world’s leading IT nation has made the usage of mobile phones a part and parcel of human lives here.

The short message service or SMS has been the most important feature in the widespread popularity and development of the mobile phone in India and the entire world. The SMS service in the form of Bulk SMS succumbs perfectly in the business and financial developments owing to the globalization in the nation. So what is actually a “Bulk SMS”? This refers to the huge volume of SMS being sent to customers, clients, companies and individuals, as part of the various social and business purposes. The Bulk SMS has efficiently promoted globalization in India being cost effective, fast and easy at the same time.

You can have great fun on your GPRS/CDMA Mobile Handsets. Subscribers of Airtel (Airtel Wap-GPRS), Reliance India Mobile (R-World), Hutch/Orange (Hutch World / Orange World), BPL Mobile (BPL GPRS), BSNL GPRS (East Zone, North Zone, South Zone), MTNL Dolphin GPRS (MTNL GPRS), Idea (Idea GPRS) can access our software. SMS service providers are also known as SMS gateway providers.


This is because :
SMS gateway provider : An SMS service provider provides an SMS gateway for its users to send SMS messages to. This SMS gateway will then route the SMS messages to another SMS gateway or SMSC.

It is easy to send SMS messages with an SMS service provider.

Here are the typical steps :
1. Buy the SMS Manager Software.
2. Install the software.
3. Buy a number SMS text messages.

You purchase a number of SMS messages from us. The cost per SMS message is the same for all destinations within India. For example, if you purchase ten SMS messages, you can send at most ten SMS messages no matter the destination is anywhere in India.

Ready to use :
Simply Install and start sending Sms
Can be installed on any computer running Microsoft Windows.
Send SMS to a list of phone numbers/individual number
Import phone number list from file

Can be integrated with your existing applications to give SMS features, SMS alert, CRM or ERM. Use as Customer Support System Works with NOKIA Mobile Phones* using GSM/CDMA Technology or SMS Gateway

Benifits of Bulk SMS ::
*Send Bulk SMS (Mobile SMS) worldwide using any computer - Send bulk sms messages to your friends anywhere. All you need is a computer and Internet connection. Most SMS messages are delivered in seconds and you will also get confirmation of Bulk SMS delivery.
* Responsive & customer Interactions: Alert your customers for latest offers.
* Payment Alerts: Sending a bulk text message to your customers or dealers payment confirmations etc.
* Bulk sms are routed from multiple bulk sms gateways.
* Multiple routing & load balancers at our bulk sms gateway route.
* Can opt for customizable speed as per the volume purchase.
* We provide speed up to 25000 sms / minute.
* Cheaper, Faster & Instant Results.
* Priority bulk sms gateways/routes for instant delivery.
* Low Cost/ cheap cost bulk sms with high volumes & best bulk sms services in the industry.

Bulk SMS Future ::
Web Based Bulk SMS Providers: We as a Bulk SMS Providers, provide simple & easy to use online interface from where you can send SMS to any mobile number in 1, 2, & 3 easy steps.
Step 1) Just type the mobile number or upload the files to whom you want to send SMS.
Step 2) Type your message in the text body.
Step 3) Preview your message & CLICK send SMS button.

* Single and Bulk Text Messaging. * send SMS directly from Excel with customizable speed & sender ID.
* Bulk SMS Providers Developer API (You can integrate our Bulk SMS Providers Solution with your software and can be automated).
* Grouping Functionality in our Online Bulk SMS providers interface.
* Import of Address book from text and Excel Files to our website.
* Single click delivery to thousands of numbers.
* Customizable speed of messages up to 25000/minute as per requirement.
* Personalized Sender ID's (Up to 8 alphanumeric characters).
* SMS Scheduling (send SMS at a designated time).
* Online Mobile Address Book.
* Online Group Management.
* MIS Reports (MIS consists of User Id, Sender name, Message content, Mobile Numbers, Time of Delivery, Delivery Reports from Mobile operators.)
* No monthly fees, No hidden costs, No Monthly commitment on any purchase.
* Fast Delivery to all networks Nationwide.
* Free Telephone Support from bulk sms providers.
* Easy and Immediate deployment of Bulk Messages (Only requirement is an internet connection).
* High speed SMS gateway available for priority customers.
* Long SMS facility available on request (More than 160 Characters).

1. How much does it cost to send 1 SMS message?

Cost of service is an important factor that you need to consider when choosing an SMS gateway provider for your SMS application. Typically, SMS gateway providers can be divided into 2 categories in terms of how they require you to pay for their SMS service:

* Credit-based
You purchase a number of credits from the SMS gateway provider. Sending one SMS message will cost you one or more credits, depending on the country you send the SMS message to. For example, sending an SMS text message to India might cost you one credit while sending an SMS text message to the United States might cost you two credits.

* SMS-based
You purchase a number of SMS messages from the SMS gateway provider. The cost for sending one SMS message is the same for all destinations. For example, if you purchase ten SMS messages, you can send at most ten SMS messages no matter the destination is India or the United States.